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Case Studies:
  • Natural Step Case Study - Madison, Wisconsin
    Madison, Wisconsin and several other progressive municipalities in the state are coordinating their efforts through the North American Eco-Municipality Movement to help cities and towns throughout Wisconsin embrace sustainability strategically.

  • Institute for Eco-municipalities
    Two principle architects of eco-municipality planning are Sarah James and Torbjörn Lahti. They have been working to bring the ‘eco-municipality approach’ to sustainable community planning to the United States using their approach, which is based upon the experience of several generations of Swedish eco-municipalities. Their book The Natural Step for Communities: How Cities and Towns Can Change to Sustainable Practices (New Society Publishers, 2004 provides models of success. This web site provides examples of several eco-municipalities have emerged in the United States, including Ashland, Washburn and Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Eco-Municipality Models
    This web site provides a synopsis of eco-municipality models for sustainable community change and lists cities in Wisconsin and other parts of the United States that are involved in creating eco-municipalities.

  • Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association
    This website is from the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Planning Association and offers information on Eco-municipalities and the Natural Step in Wisconsin, information and examples of eco-municipalities, and information on Wisconsin Legacy sites and Green Tier communities.

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