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The Natural Step

This section provides information and resources on “The Natural Step” sustainability framework because it has been adopted by a growing number of local governments and organizations (inside and outside Wisconsin) as a shared framework around which they are developing and implementing sustainable planning and practices. Adoption of The Natural Step framework is a key first step in the process of becoming an eco-municipality and moving toward sustainability.

For information about The Natural Step framework:

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Books about the Natural Step Framework:

James and Lahti were pioneers in developing the Natural Step and published a seminal work on the subject.

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Videos and Video Sharing:

The following are links to three videos from the April 15, 2008 Eco-Municipality Gathering with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robčrt in Madison, Wisconsin. Greg David and Karen Chin from On the Earth Productions filmed, edited and made these videos available for educational purposes. These are large files and may take a while to load.

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  • Building a Green Capital City: The Natural Step to Madison’s Sustainable Design and Energy Future
    The City of Madison uses The Natural Step to integrate sustainability in a systematic way into decision making, policies, operations and capital improvements in all departments.

  • Whistler 2020
    At the turn of the millennium, Whistler faces the challenge of continuing our success as a mountain resort community while moving toward a future that is increasingly sustainable. The global and local challenges that face our community highlight the need for an overarching sustainability-based approach to planning. Whistler2020, our comprehensive sustainability plan, moves beyond traditional piece-meal planning to broadly address social, economic and environmental issues in an integrated and upstream manner.

  • Next Step Wisconsin: News on Sustainability and Energy
    This is a blog that offers a place for sustainability groups in Wisconsin to connect. Archives date back to 2009.

  • Sustainability Links in Wisconsin
    This web page provides a directory of groups in Wisconsin that have been inspired by the Natural Step Framework for sustainability. Also available are resolutions passed by various city councils and that relate to sustainability.

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