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Itís one thing to pass a resolution to become a sustainable community or adopt a corporate sustainability policy and another to make steady progress toward that end. Sustainability indicators use data to measure the progress of overall health and long-term sustainability. The resultant information can be used to raise awareness about community health, the environment, social wellbeing and economic development. This section will include links with information to design, develop and use sustainability indicators and measurements.


For additional information in Indicators, contact Sustainability Team members:
  • Quality of Life Indicators/Data Sources
    A variety of good data sources for quality of life issues in Wisconsin.

  • Smart Communities Network
    Sustainable success stories from Renew America's "Environmental Success Index". Renew America, a Washington DC nonprofit organization, has developed a rigorous data collection and verification program to select some of most innovative sustainable development programs in the United States. Web pages include an Overview, Land Use Planning, Green Building, Transportation, Resource Efficiency, Sustainable Business and Municipal Energy.

  • Happy Planet Index
    The Happy Planet Index is a global measure of sustainable well-being and was created by Nic Marks.  The index uses global data on life expectancy, experienced well-being and ecological footprint to calculate which countries offer long, happy, and sustainable lives for their people. The 2012 HPI report ranks 151 countries and is the third time the index has been published.

  • Sustainable Measures
    A web page dedicated to indicators of sustainability. Definitions of sustainability are provided, indicator projects from various nations are described and discussion on indicators including data sources and examples are provided. This information comes from Sustainable Measures which is a consulting company with expertise on sustainability.

  • Measures of America
    This web site provides easy to use, methodologically sound tools for measuring well-being and opportunity in America on topics of health, education and income.

  • Eco-Economy Indicators
    Economy Indicators are twelve trends that the Earth Policy Institute tracks to measure progress in building a sustainable economy. They include: Population, Global Economy, Grain Harvest, Fish Catch, Forest Cover, Water Resources, Carbon Emissions, Global Temperature, Ice Melting, Wind Power, Bicycle Production and Solar Power.

  • Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index
    Gallup and Healthways produce a biannual report on the Well-Being of each of the 50 U.S. states and their respective cities and an annual report on each of the 435 U.S. congressional districts. The Well-Being Index reports on Life Evaluation, Emotional Health, Physical Health, Healthy Behaviors, Work Environment and Basic Access.

  • Redefining Progress: The Nature of Economics
    This site focuses on shifting public policy to achieve a sustainable economy, a healthy environment and a just society. Topics include an ecological footprint, climate policy, environmental justice, sustainable economics, sustainable indicators, research and publications.

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