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Local governments are called upon to exercise competent and responsible stewardship in how they manage their financial resources including investments. In order to function effectively and to carry out their financial responsibilities, they depend on a reasonable return on investments and are required to operate in a fiscally sound, responsible and accountable manner.

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  • The Top 10 Green Investments for 2011
    An article posted by NASDAQ that explains green investing and provides information of the technologies of the top ten green investments for 2011.

  • GreenMoney Journal
    GreenMoney encourages and promotes the awareness of sustainable business, investing and consumer resources. Download the Spring 2012 issue on Sustainable Investing, the Summer 2012 issue on the Next 20 Years Part 1, and Fall 2012 issue The Next 20 years Part 2. 

  • How to Go Green: Investing
    Written by Rebecca Silver and Kristin Underwood, this article provides information on green investing as well as links for further information.

  • Green Investing: Growing the Economy One Investment at a Time
    The site provides information on green investing from

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