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Publications by University of Wisconsin-Extension Sustainability Team members. Additional information about the team member can be found on the Sustainability Team Information page.

  • Municipal Energy Planning: An Energy Efficiency Workbook
    This workbook provides a step-by-step guide for developing an energy efficiency (or energy conservation) plan for municipal governments. It was prepared by University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension faculty serving on the statewide Energy Conservation and Sustainability Teams to address an educational need of elected officials and municipal staff to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities and operations. The workbook provides includes instruction on the following topics:

    • Getting started
    • Assessing current energy use and identifying energy issues
    • Evaluating the potential for municipal energy efficiency and conservation
    • Developing energy goals and evaluating options
    • Developing action plan
    By using this workbook as a guide and following the steps outlined in each of its sections, any municipality should be able to develop a usable energy efficiency plan.

  • Climate Change Handbook: A Citizenís Guide to Thoughtful Action
    Information about climate change for average American households. This handbook provides climate science basics, the roles that lifestyle and population play, the significance of carbon footprints, and an overview of the current climate situation. A detailed carbon counter is attached to the guide. Adaptation examples include food, water, shelter, transportation, recreation, citizen science activities and careers. Mitigation focuses on effectively engaging with local government.

  • Bayfront
    Case study on Xcel Energy's bayfront plant in Ashland, Wisconsin and biomass combustion.

  • Eco Combustion
    Case study on bio-energy project in Kaukauna, Wisconsin using manure as feedstock.

  • Emerald Dairy
    Case study on innovative farm in St Croix County, Wisconsin.

  • Indianhead Holsteins
    Case study on dairy farm manufacturing straight veggie oil for transportation.

  • Western Wisconsin Renewable Energy Survey Report
    UW Extension surveyed 150 public institutions in western Wisconsin to determine the demand for "Green Power".

  • Toward a Sustainable Community:  A Toolkit for Local Government
    by Sherrie Gruder, Anna Haines, Jerry Hembd, Lisa MacKinnon, Jane Silberstein (January 2007)

  • Toward a Sustainable Community: A Toolkit for Local Government, Resources and References Live Links
    by Sherrie Gruder, Anna Haines, Jerry Hembd, Lisa MacKinnon, Jane Silberstein (March 2007)

  • Renewing the Countryside - Wisconsin:  Stories of Sustainable Living, Working and Playing
    by Jim Doyle, Jerry Hembd, and Jody Padgham (October 2007)

  • Building a Green Capital City: The Natural Step to Madisonís Sustainable Design and Energy Future
    Sherrie Gruder, ACEEE Proceedings, 2008 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    This paper details how the City of Madison uses The Natural Step process in a comprehensive approach toward sustainable energy in its buildings, operations, infrastructure and fleet, development and transportation planning.

  • Sustainable Communities
    A four-page fact sheet, authored by UW-Extension Sustainability Team members Kelly Cain and Sherrie Gruder, that outlines the main features of Sustainable Community Development (SCD). SCD focuses on strengthening the local economy while recognizing the interconnections of community health, environment, and quality of life.

  • Sustainability: Science, Practice & Policy
    This is an open access e-Journal published by Proquest.

  • International Journal of Green Economics
    IJGE addresses all aspects of Green Economics, aiming to encourage economic change and positioning Green Economics at the centre of the Economics disciplines. Green Economic theories, policies, tools, instruments and metrics are developed to facilitate a change to the current economic models for the benefit of the widest number of people and the planet as a whole. IJGE focuses particularly on resource management, meeting peoples' needs and the impact and effects of international trends and how to increase social justice. This is a subscription-based journal, prices are available at the web site.

  • Ecology and Science
    A journal of integrative science for resilience and sustainability. Free subscription.

  • What is Green Economics?
    This article by Brian Milani is posted on the Urban Habitat website and provides an overview of green economics.

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